The Nation’s Oldest and Largest Family of Bail Bond Insurance Companies

Comprised of the nation’s most experienced bail insurance companies, learn how AIA has been leading the bail bond industry for over a century.

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About AIA

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AIA is committed to utilizing its unique “service-focused” approach to management, that provides its family of agents with the knowledge, tools and resources they need to grow their business and succeed.


With over 150 years of combined experience, AIA has become the overwhelming industry leader in agent service, national coverage, bail bonds written and number of agents.
AIA prides itself on building long-term relationships with its partner agents that foster trust and confidence

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COVID-19 Resource Center

In order to provide you with the latest updates and information regarding COVID-19, we have created a COVID-19 resource page. Our goal will be to keep this page up-to date with current State and County orders as well as any other important news and information related to the bail business.

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Have you seen VisionPRO?

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Vision is Power. Vision is Insight. Vision is Control. Vision is FREE for AIA Agents. Isn’t it time that your agency had Vision for your business?


The bail industry’s most advanced and user friendly bail management software is available. Learn more about this innovative new system and to sign your agency up for VisionPRO at

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What’s Behind Your Paper?

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Discover the difference and see what’s behind the paper at AIA

If you are looking to get into the bail bond industry, you may be asking yourself many questions. How do bail bonds work? How do I become a bail bond agent? What training is required for bail bond agents? We have answered some of these questions at, you can also call to learn more at 800.935.2245.

Nationwide Bail Bonds. Anywhere. Anytime.


ExpertBail is the only true National Bail Bond Network that can service your needs no matter where you or the defendant is located.

The ExpertBail Network is comprised of the industry’s best and most experienced agents who are all committed to raising the standards in the bail industry.

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What Makes a Surety Great?

Don't ask us... ask our agents.

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“Without a team, success is limited. With AIA as part of our team, success is inevitable. I continue to be amazed at the direct focus they are willing to put on my agency. They truly recognize that my success is their success. I am and always will be proud to be an AIA agent.”

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“Working with AIA is like working with family. They are always there to provide guidance and support whenever I need it. Whether it is my bail bond business or my non-profit organization, Ministering Our Military, AIA is always the first one to offer their assistance.”

Texas AIA Agent

Bail Research Library

AIA’s Bail Resource Library has a wide range of resources and research available to those who are interested. From research conducted by the Department of Justice, educational institutions and privately funded sources, there are  countless reports that discuss the value, benefit and effectiveness of the commercial bail bond business. This research dispels many of the misguided statements being made by those that support public sector pretrial release.

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AIA’s Executive Team

The AIA Executive team is comprised of the bail bond industry’s most experienced and creative professionals.

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What’s Behind The Paper?

“When I worry about the economy today, I shouldn’t have to worry about my surety being around tomorrow.”

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