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March 14, 2024

Bail reform advocates talk about our jails being filled with first time, non-violent, low-level defendants. They pressure local governments and state legislators to implement soft on crime pretrial release policies that empty the jails. And the result, guys like Ron Poore get out on a FREE release. Poore was not a low-level first time, non-violent offender. He was a dangerous repeat offender who tried to flee from law enforcement before he was apprehended.

Why would someone like this be given a FREE release? Because the purpose of bail reform is to release any and everyone. It does not just apply to the first time, low-level, non-violent offender; it applies to ALL offenders. These bail reform policies are not making us safer, they are putting our communities in danger and removing any sort of accountability from the system, and accountability is one of the most important aspects of any criminal justice system.

To read the full story and see the research study, click on the link, Sheriff Thompson: Robbery Case Highlights Public Safety Issues with Bail Reform

March 13, 2024

This should be the one story that ends the bail reform discussion forever. A group of people charged with dismembering a murdered body were released on a FREE bond in New York. How in the world does someone accused of such a heinous act qualify for a FREE bond? Well, this is what bail reform looks like. It is not the low-level, non-violent offenders who are being released with no accountability, it is dangerous, reoffending criminals who are taking advantage of bail reform. Unfortunately, this story will not deter the advocates of bail reform, but rather it will be ignored because it doesn’t fit their narrative. The truth is that this is not an anomaly. Dangerous, repeat offenders are being released everyday into our streets under the guise of making us safer.

To read the full story and see the research study, click on the link, Republican state lawmakers propose changes to bail reform following human remains case.

crime scene
March 13, 2024

It is really hard to believe any bail reform report that comes out of a left wing Washington DC think tank, so read this one with that in mind. The author of this article believes that bail reform policies around the country are not soft on crime. The problem here is that this author is basing this statement on the use of so called “evidenced based” tools and risk assessments. We aren’t sure if this author didn’t get the memo, but there has been plenty of research, including acknowledgments from dozens of civil rights groups that these risk assessments are actually racially bias and impacting people of color more harshly.

The author also makes the false assumption that using non-cash bail practices are safer and more fair. The reality is that the use of financially secured release has always been proven to be more safe and fair for the public, and isn’t that what pretrial release should be focused on? The safety of the victim and the community and the “guarantee” that whoever is released pretrial is going to show up for court.

To read the full story and see the research study, click on the link, Is Bail Reform Soft on Crime? Not When Done Well.

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March 3, 2024

No matter how many times you hear New York Politicians tout the success of their bail reform legislation, the reality is that it continues to fail.  They talk about recidivism rates being only 1% or 2%.  Well according to a new study from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice’s Data Collaborative, the recidivism rates are much higher.  The study showed 66% of the people released from jail who had a prior arrest were re-arrested within two years of their release. It also showed that “67% of defendants who had a recent prior violent felony arrest in the past year who were released under bail reform were re-arrested within two years of their arraignment.”  About half of those were rearrested for a felony. So to say that bail reform is working is a lie.

To read the full story and see the research study, click on the link, Bail fail: Study shows that repeat crime INCREASED in New York because of justice ‘reforms’.

March 1, 2024

Why is it that the media continues to publish misinformation and false stories regarding bail reform. In a recent editorial from the Los Angeles Times, they are claiming that the newly adopted ZERO bail policy in Los Angeles County is working.  They also claim that there are studies showing that crime hasn’t increased, and court no-shows (FTAs) are down, yet actually show no studies.  The reality is that crime is down because the number of unreported crimes has skyrocketed.  Just ask anyone in law enforcement.  People are no longer reporting crimes because they know nothing will happen.

Additionally, court no shows are down because judges are no longer forfeiting bonds and issuing warrants for FTA’s.  Instead, they are just rescheduling the court dates.  Most of all, none of their claims align with common sense.  You remove the financial guarantee for someone appearing in court and we are supposed to believe that they just showed up anyway. That makes no sense at all.  If that were the case, why require any person to post a bond or a financial guarantee for anything.  Why should the county of Los Angeles require any contractor they work with to obtain a bond for the work that they are doing?

If financial guarantees are unnecessary, then the county should just let the work take place based on a hand shake and promise…just like they do in the criminal justice system.  But we know that won’t happen, because bonds work.  They create accountability and incentive to comply with the contractual guidelines you have agreed to.  To say that you will get similar or better compliance without that guarantee is ludicrous.

To read the full story and see the research study, click on the link, Editorial: L.A. County cities should stop fighting the end of cash bail. It’s working.

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